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The fear of dying and funeral insurance, how is this taken care of in Germany?

The fear of dying is one of the most common fears people have. The fear is often about the fact and the realization that life ends at some point and one does not know what will happen next. Also, the fear can be about leaving loved ones behind.

  1. The anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from feeling anxious to actual panic attacks where people sweat profusely, experience palpitations and lose control of their thoughts. If the fear is permanent, we speak of a phobia of death.
  2. We never get rid of a certain fear of death, but that’s okay either. It is normal not to want to let go of life and to resist dying.

Why fear?

The fear of death is often not about dying itself, but about what happens afterwards. In many religions the soul after death is in a heaven or afterlife where there is no pain or war, but only love and freedom. That can be reassuring for many people. This group generally has less fear of death.

  • But for people who have no religion, what happens after death is a total mystery, or rather a black dark hole in which you are all alone. This can be a very frightening thought for some. The fear of death is therefore more common among people who have no religion.
  • Yet there are also believers who are afraid of death. This is especially important if one thinks that after their death a judgment will be passed by the gatekeeper of the afterlife. There is then a fear that people will not go to heaven, but to hell, for example because they would not have given life to them properly or have made many mistakes.

The fear of death can also involve people around us who are loved. Think of a bad feeling that can arise if you threaten to lose your partner, father, mother or brother.

Problematic Anxiety

It is normal for someone to be afraid of certain things at times. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, fear can be very helpful in saving yourself from threatening situations or in keeping you from making an unwise choice. If you are anxious, your body produces substances that ensure that you are very alert.

However, anxiety becomes problematic when it takes on a predominant role in life, for example when there are panic attacks, in which one sweats profusely and develops palpitations. Anxiety can also be problematic if the fear makes you avoid certain situations, such as driving (fear of getting into a collision) or flying (fear of crashing). By avoiding death in this way, one hopes to escape from the fearful feelings. However, the fears won’t go away if you avoid the subject. Death will sooner become even more unknown which can make you even more anxious. (Source:

Purchase a new funeral insurance policy from a funeral insurance company of your choice

Keep in mind, however, that the premium will almost certainly be higher than your old policy because you have become older. Also, something may have changed in your health situation that makes you pay more premiums. So in this case, you take out a new, more expensive policy and start again saving for your funeral by paying premiums. For this reason, switching funeral policies is also usually not interesting.

Are you determined to take out a new funeral insurance policy? Then pay attention to the following points in any case:

  • The type of insurance (in kind, capital or combination)
  • The amount of the benefit with a company like Monuta erfahrungen
  • The duration of the insurance (until when do you pay premiums)
  • The experiences that customers have with the insurer